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Race has always been a very sensitive or controversial  topic for many people.This has been mainly due to historic events and as a result, many people avoid addressing issues surrounding this topic. Society has taught us to tread carefully where different races are concerned however this has led to the creation of barriers when it comes to interracial dating.

People often say  It “feels taboo”, it  “doesn’t feel right” or the “cultural differences are too big” but the truth of the matter is that these statements are more mental than reality. If anything – interracial dating should be encouraged as it has a host of benefits, not only to the couple involved but to society at large.

A fine example of an vast culturual interracial couple that has stood the test of time is world renowned musician John Legend and his Wife Chrissy Teigen. Often they speak during interviews on some of the cultural challenges which their marriage has faced over the past few years (much like any other relationship) but they remain strongly resolute as a couple 14 years total. Seven years prior to marriage and another seven years of marriage showing that the heart knows no skin color.

The fact is, when people do not know much about each other , misconceptions and myths tend to develop. These fallacies can only be corrected through interaction and understanding each other. When you date someone it means you have the opportunity to get a better understanding of each other and can therefore ask and address different issues with ease, even if it is not a match. From that, people around you, them and the next person can also learn from your interracial relationship. There are also misconceptions and stereotypes about races are naturally better at certain things be it business, intelligence, entertainment or sports. Despite the discipline we must understand this is ALL relative and the value should not be placed in the race itself but into that person of interest. Because the “secret” (understanding, trust and communication) to relationship success, this can help us let down some of our defenses, build some excitement to help us explore what the relationship should be, two people with a common interest and/or physical or psychological attraction. Who knows this could continue to the next level.

Most people do not engage or even try out interracial relationships not necessarily because they are not interested in them but out of fear of judgement and the unknown. This (fear) should never be a factor when it comes to relationships, as you may be depriving yourself of a great experience. Your joy and happiness should come first regardless of whether it makes sense to the next person or not, everything else is secondary. Besides modern society, especially with social media, is generally more accepting of the idea of mixed relationships compared to even the recent past of 20 years ago.

Whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, our circle of friends, where we work and hang out spots offers great diversity when it comes to race and there will be some level of caution when it comes to the approach of that potential significant other. However the internet is one place we all go to as our safe place, which now makes meeting different people easier and less awkward. 

The IceBreakers Online platform exists to give you control of your dating option. This platform enables and encourages you to step the box/color outside the lines to different people from different walks of life to comfortably meet others that you may not otherwise approach. We understand that some of the most beautiful relationships are built by the most different of people but we also understand that someone has to make the first move regardless of age, sex or gender, Love is what you make it…Break the rules, Break the social norms, Break the Ice with IceBreakers. Cheers!

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