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There is a specific reason (or reasons) that make one particular individual be attracted to another. This could be the person’s physical appearance, character, coin in the pocket or status. It therefore makes sense that your character traits should complement those of the person you are attracted to. This will aid in not only winning them over but also in building something solid and long lasting. There are standard or clear definitions as to what should or should not be. Example of this is,  a digger, boy toy or sugar baby is a perfect match for a daddy or cougar and who are we to judge?

A beautiful woman can brighten up any man’s day and in most cases this is what attracts a woman to a man. This could be facial beauty or the body shape but anything pleasing to the eye is bound to turn heads. Therefore if a woman’s physical appearance is what you are drawn to make sure that you do your best to also look good all the time in order to compliment her beauty. This can be done by simply being well groomed, investing in good cologne, wearing decent clothes and working out. These do not only make you look more attractive but can boost your self confidence when approaching women in general.  

Looking good comes at a cost, therefore having some money is important. Often this is what most women use to determine if you have the potential to be a good provider or not. Outside the subconscious elements of dating we must keep in mind that in order to go on dates, buy clothes and for any relationship to have a fair amount of tranquility, it is important for you to have a stable income. Some women are also drawn to men with money and not having money in general can feel emasculating. Work on a skill set that will maximize your income – be it as a business or a job for a company. 

The end of the day your income primitively says whether you are worth her time. We are not by any means saying all women value is money. What we are saying is if caveman and cavewoman nature plays a role in how we are attracted to one another,  it is our opinion that physical beauty, intelligence, social status,  strength (protection) and power are just as important as money.  Money plays a major role in how you are viewed in your ability to protect and care for a family whether you know it or not. This is why athletes are sought out.  From a theoretical perspective, an athlete would check all the boxes even if he was bright as a 5 watt lightbulb. The perception would be that if he is making X number of dollars he has to be intelligent.

If you are attracted to smart women, it therefore means you also have to work on your personal intellect. Research, reading more or simply playing mentally stimulating games can go a long way in aiding this. In order for you to have a good chat with someone, the way you think must have some form of alignment in order for a conversation to start in the first place, this also helps in you learning how to increase your social standings in groups.

A generous and kind person generally draws people to him or herself. This is because any form of giving is perceived as a demonstration of love and shows you care. Women love being spoiled and kind gestures, therefore it is important for any men to show some form of generosity. This can be in the form of philanthropy work or random acts of kindness. It is not necessarily something someone is born with as we have been made to believe but a habit that can actually be developed. It also shows the woman you are pursuing that you can take care of her and will always put her first.

The most important thing you need to make note of is that you need to work on yourself before you bring someone else into your life. You may not necessarily have it all together and figured out yet and everyone comes from different walks in life, but at least be in the process of working on it. Also always keep in mind that Women are subconsciously attracted to certain traits, maybe even before physical appearance. Make sure you indicate all your good traits on the IceBreakers Online app when you search for these women. Simply look at what you want in a woman and this will give you pointers on how best to describe yourself on your profile.

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