Dating Advice: Women, you have multiple options

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We all crave for some form of intimate companionship with loved ones, it is a fundamental part of human nature.No matter who you are or where your are from, love is needed.Sadly, we cant read minds and feelings are not always reciprocated in way we deem fit. Most of the time it is women on the receiving end of this unfair treatment and this may result in low self esteem or simply settling for less, yet it should never get to that point.

Men (and some women alike) are unpredictable.They lie, they cheat and you can never know their real intentions unless you get to actually spend time with them and get to know what they are about. Friends ,family and society in general do not make this any easier as they all have opinions to pass.This “pressure” may force one into making hasty decisions which may in turn result in more harm than good.So what then must be done?

One needs to understand their worth as a woman before anything else. Women literally carry life and bring it to this earth. Men go out of their way everyday just to impress women, without women most men wouldn’t have a reason to live  and it would probably be a chaotic world. A woman is a special being , even bars and restaurants acknowledge this by having ladies nights where women either get freebies or discounted prices. They realise that men are naturally drawn to places with women.

Regardless of all this, most women have been made to think that they should settle for anyone who shows interest rather than wait/ seek the right partner. Mention is made of things such as age but who cares about that in today’s world. You can not live your life based on peoples opinions.It is more about you and the chemistry that you have with the next person than what whoever thinks. Your joy should come first.

There is no formula or manual for these things therefore you can not depend on society set rules or  opinions when it come to your happiness.What you need to do is to take a notepad and list down what you want in a guy. Chat with potential suitors and get to understand their state of mind.

It is very important to not rush into things but rather experiment and do everything you deem necessary before committing to something long lasting. It saves and prevents potential heartache. Dating apps such as IceBreakers Online allow you to pick and choose ‘’Mr Right”, so make use of them. Safety when going on blind dates has always been a concern for many women however the IceBreakers Online app allows you to meet suitors at a convenient bar or restaurant of your choice.This enables you to focus on enjoying the date rather than worrying about a whole host of things such as security. 

Thoughts on past hurt may creep up every now and then but don’t live today in fear based on past mistakes. Learn from them, be cautious  but don’t be too hard on self and above all enjoy the experience. You do not know what you are missing out on until you try. Always remember that there is plenty of fish in the sea and you have options. Dobby is free!

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