Dating outside your standards – Dating ugly people

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We all have a different set of physical preferences when it comes to the people we date. However, the one common thing is that everyone wants to date and be seen with someone they deem lookable to the general public. In all this we overlook the fact that it takes much more than just physical appearance in order to have/build a solid relationship. There’s numerous factors to be considered over and above looks; for starters – would this person go the extra mile for you?

If you made a mistake would this person understand and forgive? If you got in trouble would this person stand with you through everything? These are questions one should ask themselves before they even consider dating someone, especially if planning to have a long term relationship.

Dating out of your standard does not necessarily mean you have no physical attraction that draws you to this person whatsoever. It simply means you would not have looked at them at first sight but because you’ve spent some quality time – you have grown to like and be attracted to them. A gradual build as opposed to the television coined “love at first sight”.

Trying out something different may just be the thing you need for a long lasting relationship. Sometimes what a person does not have in terms of their looks, they may heavily compensate in other departments. They may not look good but can take care of you financially or just treat you like royalty and genuinely want to see you happy. They may not be of your usual taste but can satisfy you sexually in ways none of your exes has ever done.

This is why it is very important to keep an open mind when it comes to dating. Looks are not necessarily everything but compatibility is. This is why dating apps such as IceBreakers Online provide additional information on possible matches. A person can upload pictures as well as their income bracket and preferences. Wether you are looking for a sugar mamma, sugar baby, LTR,  gay straight, bi, local or international… it’s about you and what you are looking for and what they’re looking for; through the various other characteristics you can look for in the links provided below.



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