Dating post COVID

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The Corona Virus took the world by storm and life as we knew it changed in a flash. To some, it seemed as though we had entered some form of apocalyptic dispensation with no clue if life would ever get back to normal. Fortunately it seems there is hope and life as we knew it is slowly returning. However a core aspect of our daily lives that was disrupted is dating. The enforced lockdowns and travel restrictions hampered lovers’ hopes of going out to their favourite nightlife establishments or planning for events and in some cases  they couldn’t even see each other.

As the darker days have seemingly passed – this is now a great time to introspect and re – evaluate how we interact socially and romantically. One of the lessons learnt should have been that of not wasting time. Should you meet someone you are interested in, do not spend too much time thinking on whether you should go for it or not. DIve into the deep end as tomorrow is not promised. Should you be already dating this person -ensure that you spend as much time with them as possible, show them affection and engage in activities that you both enjoy. 

This may mean stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring places you’ve never been to as a couple. Always remember to snap plenty of pictures and videos of those moments as COVID also made us realize that it is actually the memories we hold on to the longest. 

The closing down of our favorite night spots and being at home most of the time also created a new culture of  hyper texting and video chating. Being confined meant that meetings were now done via video conferencing and loved ones would have to mostly communicate via chats and calls. Even though all is returning to normal, there is still a high usage of these virtual tools of communication and this may actually be part of the new normal.

This therefore means one has to adapt to these new tools. A good example of one such tool which integrates video chats , texts and was created especially for the nightlife space is the  IceBreakers Online application. This application allows one to not only chat with their date but buy them a drink. It also allows one to get a date with someone they may be interested in and also find a venue with exciting specials for that particular day(or later).One does not have to be bored during a pandemic and IceBreakers Online makes sure of this. 

The biggest lesson from the pandemic is that health is the greatest wealth we have. It is therefore important that couples live healthier lives and take care of each other the best way possible. This may mean eating healthier, practicing more hygienic habits or even doing exercises together. Dating is better enjoyed when everyone is in good health and well taken care of. 


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