Breaking the ice with a group of girls

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Let’s face it, guys, for the most part, go just about anywhere to meet girls, such as bars, restaurants, and at times even events. The old adage is where you find women; you will find men. One of the differences between women and men is women typically go out in groups, at least with one friend. I have no statistics on this, but you rarely see a woman entirely by herself. Because of the grouping, men can find themselves in the most awkward of situations. The old-age question, much like how do you get yourself out of the friend zone, is how to chat up a single girl in a group of girls. Even the thought of doing this may be triggering the fear of the unknown at this very moment. Everything is going through a guy’s head at this moment; what will her friends think and say about me but what you fear is simply that, what’s in your head. 

One of the first things that draw women to a guy is confidence. This does not mean cavemen, phony, macho BS that some men like to betray as confidence. Confidence is what you fear the most, walking up to a woman with nerves of steel just saying something. Sometimes you need to make sure you are hyped enough before trying to approach a woman alone and definitely before trying to insert yourself and converse with a group of girls. Make sure you look and feel good first; this way, your confidence levels will be elevated. 

The polite thing to do when you encounter any group of people is to greet. Therefore make sure you speak to everyone in the group by addressing them as a group instead of individually. The best way to get them all comfortable and talking to you is by asking them to introduce themselves individually (only after taking the initiative) and asking questions.  

If your A-hole by nature, resort to Plan B, money. Money often covers up a lot of inadequacies and can often make people pay attention. When you spend on people or buy them drinks, you will most certainly have their undivided attention. It is therefore advised that you offer the group of ladies complimentary drinks straight after introductions. Drinks also help people relax and, as a result, aid naturally flowing conversations. Chances of having awkward silent moments when there are drinks on the table are minimal.

Ensure that they do most of the conversing by asking engaging questions. Women enjoy talking to attentive listeners. At this point, you have an idea of the sort of people they are, which should guide you on the type of conversation to have and whether specific actions are appropriate or not.

As much as you converse with an entire group of girls, there is a high chance that it is one person, in particular, you are interested in. Do not make this too apparent until you are deep into the conversation. Compliment them on different things based on what you see, then after some time-shift your focus on to that one person. After all – you found them having their own conversations without you. Ask for a dance or offer another drink to that one person. You can do this by calling the waiter for her or simply refilling her glass with an already present bottle.

If all of the above suggestions seem a bit tense and hard to follow, there is an easier way with less trouble. You do not even have to approach the group of girls. Use the IceBreakers App to offer a drink to the group or that one person you are interested in. This will give you the first hint on whether this person would entertain you in the first place or not. If she is not interested, she will decline the offer and save your pocket.

If she is interested, she will accept your drink. You can initiate a conversation by chatting through the app first. The IceBreakers App also allows you to video call the person in real-time before getting into their physical space. Awkward moments are a thing of the past, download the IceBreakers app below and give it a try.


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