Stepping out of your box – Older men dating younger women and older women dating younger men

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We all crave for companionship and at times the best way or place to find it is when one chooses to step out of their comfort zone. This could mean dating someone significantly younger (or older) than you are. People have generally been uncomfortable with this issue mainly due to fear of judgement and societal views.

Society however has generally been more understanding towards older men dating younger women than it has been towards older women dating younger men. Therefore an older man can date a younger woman with less fear of being judged as it is widely accepted.

The world we live in is forever changing and  a younger woman can help keep the older man up to date with changing trends. Learning the new and unlearning the obsolete are important in day to day living and what better way to do this than with your partner? Also having lived longer, it is obvious that the older man will definitely have a lot to share with his younger partner as well.

When an older woman dates a younger man, It portrays confidence in both the woman and the man as they are living their lives happily while breaking convention. A person that can stand up for what they like or lives their life in a way that pleases them without being phased by anyone else’s opinions is nothing short of self assured.

The younger person also benefits as it provides him or her a different network that may help advance his or her career/ business. Chances are that the older person knows some people that may have better insight or links to a certain business/ career the younger person may be interested in. It also brings a sense of stability to the younger person and if both parties are in  agreement (as two consenting adults) there shouldn’t be any stigma attached to it.

The younger men might also be able to provide something the older woman may have missed out on and probably let go in her youth ( or probably while pursuing her career).

An older woman with a younger man is also a good look for her as it shows that she is good looking and attractive. 

Many people tend to judge such relationships and think they can never last however this is contrary to fact. The president of France Emmanuel Macron and his wife (Brigitte Macron) have a 29-year difference between them. They have been married for about 13 years (at the time of writing) and are still happily in love. This proves that age is nothing but a number and a relationship can be happy and last regardless of age differences. 

One’s happiness is all that counts at the end of the day and your choice in dating should not be influenced by other people’s opinions as what works for you may not necessarily work for the next person. Trying something different can be scary however it may be needed in order for one to fully be happy and have a relationship he or she will enjoy. Life is too short to remain boxed in stereotypical mentality, however should we want to change and step out of the box the question (and perhaps the hardest part ) is how and where to start? 
Thankfully, we live in a world where everything is different now and tools such as the  IceBreakers Social Experience app serve to help us break these stereotypes. Whether you want to step out of your box and date someone “different” or stick to the norm, IceBreakers Online is the perfect place to start.

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