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Most people dream of having a partner that’s beautiful or handsome and having a long lasting relationship with them. At times one meets a person they really like and goes all out in trying to impress that particular person, with the hope of eventually dating them. Sadly most people forget that the real work goes beyond finding this person and actually starts when you are now in a relationship with them. The root cause of most of the problems couples face today is communication and therefore the ‘hard work’ in the relationship should start with improving this particular facet

It is natural for humans to have insecurities and fears however learning to share these with your partner may not only give you peace of mind but also help you reduce (if not eliminate) them. Where secrets are kept, insecurities breed and in the end may result in a couple not enjoying their relationship to the fullest. A good starting point would be to share dreams and hopes together. This way you can work towards them jointly or align them to a common goal. For example one may want to own a business while the other may want to change career parts and work for a big organisation. In this case you can choose to support each other’s different dreams with a common goal of creating combined wealth.

Learn to share even the events of your day with each other. Everytime you receive good news or even small occurrences that happened during the course of your day, share them with your partner. This way you cultivate a good culture of communication and make it easier to share the bad as well.

Sometimes having insecurities is a good thing as it may propel you to do better. For example the fear of losing  your job and then failing to provide for or take care of your loved ones should motivate you to be the best worker at your workplace/ upskill yourself or even start a business of your own.

Knowing the things that bother your partner( or make them happy) makes it easier to encourage them when they are down or advise where needed.This encouragement may even help build the confidence of your partner and the fact that you can share all freely builds trust within the relationship. 

Having a partner is one of the most amazing things when you understand each other therefore continuously build on it.It is most fulfilling where you can express yourselves candidly than where you pretend to be okay yet you are crumbling inside.

Full disclosure is a key element of any relationship and should always be worked on in order for that relationship to remain healthy. Keeping secrets from your partner should actually be viewed as a sign of disrespect to them because it shows that you do not trust him or her enough to help and support you. This defeats the entire purpose of the relationship in the first place. Lastly ask yourself if you would rather have your partner keep things from you or would you rather have them share their all?

IceBreakers can not help you build that trust or relationship but what it can do is ask your potential partner a few key questions that helps you decide whether your relationship intention goals are aligned and your love language, without the person writing a mini dissertation on their life and game changing beliefs before you have said “Hello”. IceBreaker wants to focus on the meet, the chemistry and a health dialog to build the relationship and trust even if there are philosophical, religious, cultural or political differences. Who knows…love has been known to make a person do strange things. If nothing else this helps each person learn, understand, possibly empathize and grow from the other’s experience and enhance areas where your knowledge may be weak. This is how strong relationships are built, trust starts with a conversation. A conversation that can be started with the touch of a button that says “Can I buy you a drink” only on IceBreakers. Find it in the Google Play and App Store – IceBreakers Experience 

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